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How to recognize football betting systems that really work? Part 2

2) The location in the table can

The second very important point. Yes, of course, that the team, which will close at the top of the table is a deserving winner. But when we bet, so usually we rely on something that happens in one particular match. And if you are in this respect rely only (or mainly) on the league table, practically deciding about whether to come out of the house with an umbrella or without not based on the current weather, but on the basis of a comprehensive analysis of weather over the last year. That’s not smart.

If you want to navigate by the team statistics, watch how the team fared in recent matches. You can find the information you have much more weight than the results for the full year. You must also realize that the performance of the team a lot depends on the part of the year. For example, at the beginning of the year have a weak teams still quite a lot of energy, so they can flood the favorites – in the second part of the year, however, the advantage of increasing the favorites because they have a broader cadre. Weak teams but must often improve after the winter break, because in order to ensure salvation buy reinforcements and/or coaching change, which is often a great impulse.

3) Equilibrium

The final point is to find a balance between the stakes with high odds and bets that win, but not earn them a package. To better understand what we mean, giving concrete examples. If you need to bet on that particular attacker shoots first goal of the match, probably get a great course (eg 10.00 or more), but if you bet on the fact that sometimes the player during a match (at any time) after a goal, offered rate will be significantly lower. The same is true when you bet on the underdog or the clear favorite for this match.

You may not get into senseless bets. The betting must be treated as a business. Think so that you invest your money. And in the real world should definitely invest money based on the estimate or instinct. You invested on the basis of quality analysis, statistics, and their knowledge & experience.

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